A Terra howard photography wedding experience

The Details

Everything leading up to that walk down the Aisle are details of all your planning and decisions for your Special Day. The colors, the decoration, the symbols of love to the getting ready and all those candid moments in between. No two Weddings are alike. You want to capture these moments to look back on with your love ones.

The Commitment

The Ceremony is the place it all comes together at. You will be surrounded by your love ones watching, crying, and smiling at you as you show the world your love and commitment to your Forever Person. As you live in the moment and the emotions that will run through your body - I will be there catching it all. The smiles, the laughs, the touches, the kiss, the tears and of course that " You are Now...."

The Celebration

The Reception is the Party. You will finally be able to fully exhale and walk a little different now as a Married Person. A lot of things all at once. Full of love. There will be food, dancing, laughter, entertainment galore. While you and your Forever Person is taking it all in and are beyond happy - I will be there for You- Capturing it all. Things you will go and say " I remember that" to things you will go and say " hey I didn't see that".

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What's the Terra Howard Wedding Experience Really About?

Going through the experience of being a Bride allow me to see up close and personal the various types of Photography and Photographers that were offering their services to me. I saw with my own two eyes the extremes; from feeling like I was just another "Booking" to feeling like I was looking at a "Catalog" or feeling like "how will I look like in that same photo". Not to forget; for myself; the subject of the Wedding Budget and what is the right amount for my memories. There were photographers who targeted the Budget but made it feel like I was getting a Happy Meal type of photos in return.

It's through my own experience that I saw there was not too many options for a person that might have a more conservative budget but wanted the Experience of a Personal Photographer who took the time to really make their Wedding (one of the most important day of their life) to be about them and their forever person. Everything and anything was special and unique because it was Your Wedding Day. The Cakes , the Caterer, the Decorations, the Guests. Everything will be an Experience that will never happen twice the same. You want someone to make the Photography portion of your Wedding feel different, more unique, more personal and more pampered. You want to feel like You are the Most important Person alongside your Forever Person that day and you want to be able to look back and remember it through photos and not just memory.

That is the Origin of The Terra Howard Wedding Experience.

Your Experience starts when you contact me and receive your Brochure. There you will have all the information and tons of questions answered. You will be given in detail what your Wedding Experience will consist of. You will see everything your investment covers and be provided an easy method of Booking, Securing and Finalizing your Experience.

It continues with our Communication and working together (in whatever capacity that fits for you) on what is important to you and your love story.

It is Enhanced on your Wedding Day when it all comes together and every photograph taken by me is Inspired by your Love Story, you and your person's personality and your love ones.

It is carried on through the Editing Process. When I in my cozy work lab drinking my Earl Grey Tea with some milk and honey and listening to some Classical or Oldies; I will be editing your Wedding to truly be a Reflection of your day and what would show the best Representation of You and Your love one.

There's also that finishing touch of having your personal photographer who has years of experience with photography and have learned the important skill sets needed to deliver you custom professionally edited images of your Wedding Day.


Roses. Lilies. Orchids. Daisies. Sunflowers. Peonies. Tulips.Daffodil. Seriously I could go on. Sometimes I don't even know the name - I just think flowers are beautiful. They just add that extra "oomph" to the room. I'm not always the best green thumb so I must admit that there are some amazing real-like artificial flowers floating throughout the house.

Another fun fact about your Photographer is that I am a Gemini. All this means is that I appreciate some good options.

Because of my obsessive love for flowers and my appreciation of options - I had to incorporate them into my Wedding Photography Experience for you.

Below are the 3 options I offer to my Couples who would like to Book a Terra Howard Wedding Experience . I have a Brochure ready for you that has more details of what each Experience offer. All you need to do is hit the button at the very bottom " Learn More".

Your Investment ...Your Moments

The Rose Experience


The Rose Standard includes up to 2 hours of Photography coverage. Your beautiful images will be delivered via a password protected online gallery.

The Orchid Collection


Perfect for the Couples who wants the full Experience of having a personal photographer. You get up to 8 hours of Photography Coverage

The Lily Select


Hourly photography coverage. Minimum 2 hours required.

So What Type of Photos Should I Expect when You Become my Personal Wedding Photographer Terra?

No two Weddings are the same. So every Wedding I shoot will have its own unique overall style that works best for my Couples and their Wedding Experience. However, there some elements that can be seen throughout all my Weddings:

Emotional - I have learned how to pay attention to details and moments that often reveals really beautiful moments. I think it is the image of emotions in pictures that really conveys a true love story. I have also learned that these emotions are different for each couple- from the couple who laughs and joke the entire day to the couples who cry and fight to keep back the tears to the couples who have the " wow that was a crazy moment". Every couple go through their Wedding their way. I always feel lucky to be a witness to it and given the opportunity to capture it.

Candid - Every Wedding I shoot comes with as many candid moments I can capture with my camera. Sometimes the "pictures and poses you know for a fact you want" includes the ones you had no idea would ever be captured.

Authentic - I photograph my Weddings as authentic as I possible can and use post editing respectfully. This means I don't go to over edit a Couple to a point of non-recognition. All Wedding Experiences receive a basic edit to enhance and show the best representation of the couple possible. For example the images on this page shows what basic edit that all Couples will have completed. All my couples will have the option to invest in an more beauty edit options for select or all images.

Rustic - Majority of the Weddings I photograph final edits have a more rustic and warm overtone to them. I include select classic black and white images to all my packages. The images on this page is a good and true to style example of the range of colors and tones I typically use. As your Personal Photographer if your Wedding Experience calls for less warm and more color then I adjust . The end objective is to deliver you the best images that reflects the best you.

Book Terra Howard as Your Personal Wedding Photographer

Your moments photograph by your personal photographer

There are tons of photographers out there and that's amazing. It gives you the chance to connect with the right one for you on your Wedding. If what you have seen so far interest you and you want your Wedding to be an Experience and Personal then click the learn more button below. Fill out the contact form so that you can get the Terra Howard Wedding Experience Brochure and start the journey to your Personal Wedding Photography.

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“Testimonial - Terra gave my husband and I memories of a lifetime. She was professional, quiet, and worked the area(s) to give me exactly what we discussed the vision to be. I would use her for any event, but I am so glad she handled my wedding pictures. The angles, shots of my guests, and how she captured our wonderful day was a true treasure. Take a look at my pictures on her page and see for yourself!! Thanks Terra!!”

—Lona & Scott

“Terra was amazing on our Wedding day as our Photographer. We had a hectic day and she caught it all and turn all the crazy into really pretty shots. To be honest she made me feel so high end and special. I have two huge canvas of my husband and I in our home that she took that just reminds us of our day every day we come home. Definitely worth the money hands down. Thank you so much Terra.”

—L & M

“Terra is freaking amazing. Period. I am going to be honest. At first I really didn't see the point of hiring and paying for a photographer. I figure everybody has cell phones and some cameras . Mike and I was given a gift from our parents on a photographer. We had a a set amount of $$ and I found Terra on google. i like the way she took the pics. We got her hourly package. she worked with us on what we really wanted professionally shot. If i could redo-she would had did it all!Thanks Girl!”

—Tasha & Mike

“Terra was super sweet and professional at our intimate wedding. We loved and still love all the pictures she took of everything on our wedding now. My husband and me are really private and she was the only photographer who I find that respected that. She let our day be just ours. I have booked her for some more celebrations and told my engaged friends she is the one to go with. Super happy Bride Babe”

—Monica & Derrick