October 27, 2020

The New Normal- Is a Photographer Really Worth It?



It has now been ten months since COVID-19 first hit the United States officially. Throughout this time every State has tried to navigate through the pandemic. We have all pretty much seen the massive effects from the onset and spread of this new virus. Everyone has taken a new way of doing things, from work, school, vacation to daily life to life things like appointments, shopping, and hanging out with our extended families and friends. For a while seeing the words Restricted or Cancelled was so normal that many people stopped reacting and just accepted the new normal. Now, almost every commercial I see have incorporated the use of masks, and businesses have created safe measures to keep customers coming back.

Ten months ago , you could not have told me that ninety-nine percent of my groceries would be from an online app; that getting a pizza delivered to my home would consist of it being dropped off on the front steps or if I picked it up that the pizza person would come to the passenger side of my car to place the pizza so we could avoid as much contact as possible. Nor could you had told me, that a typical shopping experience would consist of arrows placed on the floors in stores to direct me which way I can go, greeting me at the door to give me a shopping cart to the constant signs reminding me to stay six feet apart and wear my mask. Doctor appointments became emergency based only to now sitting in the car one by one. Getting your temperature check is routine. The summer was like a ghost season for many; with family vacation, and girls or guys trips cancelled.

In the middle of all the changes there were Weddings that were already planned and booked being hit with the harsh realization of it not coming to fruition. Couples lost money, venues, and that

special date. As the months past couples were face with the new normal of

getting married; with number of people restrictions, and venues added safety

measures. Many couples chose to post pone their wedding until next year hoping

for a familiar way of how things were done before Covid-19; other couples

decided to get married by eloping or by downsizing their wedding to a small and

intimate number of guests. Now there's new questions couples are learning to

ask when looking for vendors and venues like what the policy if there is a

change in the State’s mandates; deposits; to restrictions and special

instructions. The new conversations of how the flow of the wedding will go to

include when to wear masks and not to, and how to make sure guests are well

prior to attending. But the amazing thing about us human beings and that mind

of ours; is that we can adapt, even when some of the wildest events in our

lives takes place. Human race: let us take a moment to give ourselves a pat on

the back because we surely deserve it.

With all the new normal, couples are beginning to wonder about the old normal when it comes to their wedding. The biggest question I have heard has been centered on the Wedding Photographer.

The thoughts behind the questions mostly lies in the change of the Wedding

size. As a couple looking for a wedding photographer you might find yourself

wondering why the prices are the same if the number of guests is downsized

significantly? Some couples are pondering on if a Wedding Photographer is worth

part of their budget now that their budget has become smaller because of work

changes. With the new normal, is getting pictures taken worth it?

So, my question for you at this moment:

Are you or your partner wondering these exact things? Are you questioning as you are planning for your upcoming wedding, if a Photographer is worth it?

Well, I can tell you this much

Before the new normal when Couples opted out of hiring a Wedding Photographer, many regretted

not having someone to capture their day professionally. That is what your

Photographer brings for you on your day, a vault. So , to break this down; as

your Photographer my job is to document all your important moments, the candid

moments that evokes so many emotions once seen ; to the things present that

moment that showcases your union, time and energy and love inputted into your

day. This is why the number of guests doesn't matter in terms of what your

photographer charges, because those things I just mentioned is about you and

your partner and those things will be present if you have 250 guests; ten or

just the two of you. This new normal should not steal away the opportunity for

your moments to be captured and be a canvas for your memories.

From a personal standpoint as a Bride, my husband and I got married two years ago. Aside from the pictures that are canvased on our walls, they are also in beautiful frames placed around our home , in photo books that can be passed down to our child now and our kids and grandkids to come later, to the social media uploads and screen savers; I mean I have already gotten the return of our investment; and there are decades and decades to come, that our Wedding day will be seen, talked about and shared with those who weren't around yet. I too had friends and family take pictures after the ceremony and they forwarded them to me. Some were ridiculously cute candid and some, well they tried but can I tell I you bad angles alert or the ones where the camera caught me or my husband in mid-sentence or movement. Though the love and intent was there and we love them, your family and friends will be in an emotion state , which they should be, snapping pictures to show you what they see and exciting moments they are moved by. it is not the same as professional photos. You are hiring a person who is actually; although I will be emotionally smiling ear to ear on the inside during your Wedding; okay probably on the outside too , I can't help it; my focus will be on the art of photography and using all the skill sand passion I have for it, to showcase your Wedding with authentic and professional images that you can hold on to for many years to come.

So, when you are knee deep in your planning and adapting, be sure to include to your new normal. your Wedding Photographer.

I am not sure how long the this new way will be our way as a people, but while it’s

here , I am going to ride its wave and morph myself into the Super Woman

Wedding Photographer that will adjust, adapt, and work with you to make sure

whatever your Wedding Day will be, we will showcase it authentically, and