March 10, 2020



flawless ceremony pictures: fully decoded

I don't know about you but the Wedding Ceremony is one of the most important pieces of a Wedding to me. The details. The Planning. The Excitement . The Craze. Everything pours into the seating of your love ones; your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen taking their places; your Forever Person taking their place awaiting you and you walking down that aisle. It's the place where you exchange vows and say I do. To some everything around them goes in slow motion and to others everything goes by like a blur. There is laughter, tears and smiles all around you. It really is an emotional moment. It is a Beautiful moment.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could make sure the photos that your Photographer will be capturing for you translate that Beautiful Scene into your Wedding pictures?

It totally would be and I am going to tell you three things you can do to get those flawless images. Ready? Let's go.


Unplug the Ceremony

Let your love ones know that during the ceremony portion of your Wedding that your Photographer will be the only one capturing pictures. What this does is allow everyone to focus on you and your partner. I know many of us think we can multi-task any and everything but for your Wedding; you don't need your Uncle or Cousin fidgeting around their camera or camcorder waiting for something to happen. It won't distract your other guests which will allow them to - you guessed it- focus on you. You can let your love ones know that they can take all the video and pictures before the ceremony starts and resume after the ceremony concludes.

Unplugging your Ceremony creates a beautiful backdrop for your Photographer to capture You, your Partner and your love ones. Without the distraction of multiple clicks and people trying to move around to get a better angle and then looking down to check to see if they did; you are left with emotion capturing perfection. Your photos will reflect all the focus on you. It is one of the simplest thing to do and gives you the biggest reward back. Let's face it - it is suppose to be all about you and your partner right. So unplug those guests and let them witness some love greatness.

Another bonus to an unplug Ceremony is none of those random photos being uploaded to Social Media before you even get to say I Do. I know it comes from the excitement of watching you Marry your Person - but you invest in a Photographer to come in and capturing beautiful moments and then edit them professionally so that you can share your Wedding to everyone. You hire your Photographer so they can help you tell the story of your Wedding Day in a cohesive and flattering way.


Framing the Aisle

One of the easiest thing to take your Ceremony photos to the next level is to make sure you frame your aisle. There simply is something beautiful about an aisle decorated. Whether it is flowers or candles or aisle runner. It can be the chairs decorated or lanterns strategically placed. For your photographer it creates another dimension to your photos. It can also help convey the mood of the moment. It also serves as somewhat a barrier between you and your partner and your guests. As your photographer edits your Ceremony photographs they have extra images to work on and enhance to create some amazing finishes. Just make sure that your Wedding Planner or Family member who is in charge of decorations pay a little bit more of attention to detail to the placement of the aisle decorations.

These two simple things call create such a magical canvas for you- And it is all done prior to you and your partner seeing each other. Just a little prep in getting the word out and a little extra time in deciding what you want to frame your aisle with.