“Writing and Pictures are the perfect duo. Both can bring back memories and retell a story .”

Hi, I'm Terra

I am a Stafford, Virginia based- Photographer. I provide a Personal Photography Experience to clients who are in search of a photographer to photograph their upcoming Wedding; Event; Head Shot or Portrait. I work with clients who appreciates and enjoy going through an Experience, and being provided with personal attention, customize photography services with added comfort and attention that only a personal photographer can provide you.

Fun Facts

Favorite Coffee: Vanilla Latte with three extra pumps of Vanilla(Simple and yes basic)

Favorite Tea: Earl Grey with milk and honey

Fave Color: Blue or Green

Fave Flower : Roses . I love them all but if I had to pick my top 3 colors would be Red, White or Yellow.

Fave Show : Currently Picard but I like all Sci-fi; Mystery and Criminal shows and pretty much all Disney movies out there (Mulan, Little Mermaid, Lion King and Abominable are my top 4 ).

Indoors or Outdoors: I think it is the Gemini in me. I love a good old rustic cafe with great background music playing and a fireplace near by- But on another day- I love walking and hiking on awesome trails. You place me in a beautiful day and a good book and I am looking for a Beach to relax on.

I have lived in 7 different countries and 3 States and have visited over 23 Countries ( 23 out of 195 - I have some traveling to do) and 24 States ( almost half way there)

Top 3 Places I've Lived: Italy (where I found my love for photography); Guam (the Hawaii no one know about, year round Volleyball and where I met some of my closest friends who I consider family); and Virginia of course ( after being away for over 12 years I came back to it and reconnected and Married my Soul Mate)

Top 3 Places I've Visited: Israel (one of my most memorable trips); France (youth plus memories); and Cancun (first Mom & Daughter trip)

Why Photography?

I have always photograph things, events and people. For years in various Countries I developed my own style and way of writing a story with images. I got my MBA and started a Business Consultant Company handling Human Resources and Business Administration jobs. Prior to that I was Active Duty in the military. I watched as Small Business Owners began living their dream; while I was working an office job and doing Photography part time when ever I could fit in the time.

I realized something. As a Consultant I was surrounded by many other Consultants specializing in the same industries as I. However, I was getting clients and using my education and work experience to do my job. For many years I felt there was a lot of Photographers near me. I mean there are many of my peers working their Photography business right at this very moment. But just like my Consultant business- I finally understood that's OK. We are all needed. My take on photography and the process and the experience I want to offer my clients are different. Us Photographers each have a lane we can own and be Awesome at.

I decided that it was time to truly focus on what I love to do. I decided to turn my Photography into full time and move the consultant work over as part time. Taking the leap of faith you can say.

I have had an incredible Career journey and now I'm just in my own lane driving towards my dreams.

My Person

So this incredible hunk over my shoulders right here is my Hubby Eric. Our love story is definitely a long one but he is definitely the reason why I believe Soul Mates is really a thing. We have been together going on 6 years and been Married going on 2.

terra howard photographer and husband


On August 11 in an intimate garden with 33 loved ones sharing our moment - The Howard's family became Official and I gained a beautiful daughter Gabby and Eric gained our honorary daughter Mia

wedding cake with love topper wedding photographer
two bull mastiffs

My Paws Kiddos (Rocky Rico & Sauda Melinda)

I bet you can tell already that I am "that" type of dog owner. I prefer the wording of dog parent or dog mom. These are our babies. They are Bullmastiffs. Rocky (the Fawn) is gong on 8 and Sauda(Red Brindle) is going on 5 . They have two totally different personalities and are pros in front of the camera. Trust me they have had tons of practice.

“My favorite number is 3. It has many great meanings. One is self expression and creativity. It is the reflection of what I love and do”

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