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Portraits Portraits How I love Portraits

If you are like me your phone has more than you are willing to admit of photos. Life is just full of these moments you just want to snap a picture of . You could probably stroll through your images and see tons of pictures that look almost identical to the naked eye. You and I know they are different. Maybe a different smile, or angle that you prefer better. Some of those images will make it to your social media (Facebook, Instagram). Fewer will make it through email to send to family and friends. Even less will make it to print to hang up in your home or work place. Sure you have tons of plans for them- but after the 100th one that is mixed in with the food shots or screen shots of random everything- they get stuck.

You find yourself month later with the dilemma of needing to clear space. You go through and delete the ones that were just OK. Trust me you are not alone. As a Gemini - I have this self proclaim gift of being able to see different sides to things. So I also know you could be the person who never takes pictures. Once every blue moon when the event is special. Not routine. You might be the type of person that is more incline to gather the family together once a year and go get photos done at the mall or pull out that camera you saw a while back and do the self timer family portraits.

No matter which person you can relate to more; both type of people understand the value of a picture with the family (in abundance or just occasionally). Hiring a personal photographer allows you to just enjoy it. To be in the moment. You can relax and let the photographer capture the moments you envision as well as candid moments that only they can see being on the outside looking in. Your photographer will edit your images and deliver back to you in one centralize location with just your Portrait Session photos. You will have easy methods to share your photographs with your family and friends through email and social media with a few clicks . You will be able to order beautiful prints, canvas, cards right from your online gallery. Just like that you will go from your pictures being take and processed to them being delivered at your home ready for you to hang them up or place them on your office desk.

the different types of portraits you can book with me!

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portrait photographer couple husband and wife during pregnancy


portrait of dad and sons family portrait


portrait of adorable baby boy smiling


model with red boots and bronze face


branding portrait shot editorial


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What Information will i get after i contact you

After you complete the contact me section; you will be sent a Terra Howard Photography's Brochure with details of the photography service you select.

What is in the brochure

The brochure will give you more details of the type of photography service you are booking; a step by step guide to the entire process; a guide to a successful photography session; the cost as well as the ability to book and reserve your service.

what if i prefer to call or meet prior to booking you?

Once you receive your brochure you will also be able to inform me if you would like to meet, face time or phone me prior to securing your photography service.

Once you have secured your photography service with me you will be able to schedule face time, and phone calls as often as needed.