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Speaker Event Personal Photographer

Investing in your own personal photographer is a great tool for Speakers.

As your personal photographer my only focus is you and the only images I am focus on capturing of images you can use on your platform. We will focus on images to be use on your Social Media, Website to images use to showcase your portfolio for future Speaker Engagements. All Speaker Event Photography are done documentary style. You will also get as many candid images of your audience and your interaction with them as I can get that compliments your Brand. All images are delivered to you via an online gallery after they go through a basic Professional edit.

Speaker Personal Photographer-terra howard photography-event photographer-Washington D.C.

Your Personality. Your Brand.

Having your personal photographer will allow you to get the images that aligns with your personality, and your Brand. Whether you have a more interactive vibe with your audience, or more of a stoic style - we will work together to get those emotions to convey in your images.

event photographer-terra howard photography-speaker personal photographer-near Stafford, Virginia

Interacting with your Audience. Connecting.

With your personal photographer you can rest assure that they will be able to capture you interacting with your audience authentically. With my clients during the time of socializing, I tend to step back and use my long lens to zoom in and catch them reacting naturally with the guests. This allows the Speaker true personality to showcase which will resonate with their viewers and future clients.

event photographer-terra howard photography-near Stafford, Virginia

Speaking. Real. Action. You.

Staged photos are important in showcasing yourself to your audience. They are posed, polish and really helps with delivering the concept of your Brand. Stock photos are also good options when used from time to time. But there is something about real time caught images of you doing your thing; on stage shining and being brilliant. When you are looking for the next Speaking venue having images you can show of you actually Speaking takes you and your Brand to the next level. Your audience will see a Real You doing what you do best. Your personal photographer will focus on this and ensure that get some raw authentic shots of you doing your job.

terra howard photography-event photographer-room shot-Speaker speaking-near Virginia

Documenting. Showcasing.

One advantage in having your personal photographer during a Speaker event is being able to document your event. The images shows you not only doing your thing- But also gives your clients, future Venues a visual of your audience size, the platform you work on and the audience reactions to you. A personal photographer will understand this and know what to focus on to show the best representation of you and your event.

Speaker's Personal Photographer Pricing

Speaker's Package


Speaker's Event Packages are billed for hourly coverage. Images are delivered to client via online gallery.

Formal and Semi- Formal Event Photography


A personal event photographer will capture the energy at the event. Having fun and letting loose is the goal for many people and having a photographer at your event you allow you to capture these fun living in the moment images.


Your personal photographer will be able to capture tons of candid images of you and your guests having fun.


I always include this type of photography in my Events photography to make sure that there is at least one image of the attending guest. Typically during the Dinner I will work my way around the room to get a table photo. You will be able to look back and share and remember each person at your Event.

terra howard photography-event photographer-formal event-near Stafford Virginia - women in black dress dancing
terra howard photography-event photographer-beautiful woman dancing-formal event
terra howard photography-event photographer-formal event-man and women dancing-near Stafford, Virginia
terra howard photography-personal event photographer-formal event- group table photo-near Stafford Virginia-DMV


I offer two different types of packages for any Formal and Semi-Formal Event Photography :

Formal and Semi-Formal Event Pricing

Package 1


Includes up to 5 hours of Photography Coverage. Client will receive images on a password protected online gallery.

Package 2


This is ideal for shorter events or extended events. You can book as many hours as you need. All images will be delivered to you via online gallery.

Corporate & Business Functions

Hire a Personal Photographer for your upcoming Corporate Events.

A personal photographer will be able to work with you and capture solid professional images of your Event. This is a great way to get professional images you can upload to your Company's Website and Social Media and print on any Company's Newsletter.

Different types of Events you can hire a photographer for are Conferences, Seminars, Team Building Events, Trade Shows/ Expos, Executive Retreats, Dinners, Corporate Golf Days, Product Launches, Shareholder/Corporate Board Meeting and Year End Functions.

All Corporate and Business Functions are shot in a Documentary style. I will work with you for any posed images you would like to take. All images receives light editing to correct any harsh lighting or shadows before being delivered via a password protected online gallery. All Corporate and Business Functions will have the option to receive highlights of their Event within 72 hours to update their website.

Contact me today to receive a Brochure that will go over everything included when you book me as your upcoming Event. Discounts are available for Multi-day Events.

terra howard photography-corporate event photographer-trade show-expos-dinner-speaker-near Stafford, Virginia


terra howard photography-corporate event photographer-female speaker-near Stafford, Virginia


terra howard photography-corporate event photographer-seminar-conference-male speaker-Stafford , Virginia, DMV



terra howard photography-corporate-business event photographer-male speaker-conference-awards-northern Virginia

Trade Shows/Expos

Corporate /Business Pricing

Corporate Event Photography

Contact me

Package includes Photography Coverage. Images are delivered via an online password protected gallery.

terra howard photography-corporate photographer-table shot of men -Stafford , Virginia, DMV, Richmond, Virginia